Monday, 23 April 2012


Lesson Plan
Time                            : 30 minutes
No. of students           : 33
Class                           : 3 Ibnu Khaldun
Focus                          : Listening and speaking
Theme                         : World of Knowledge
Topic                          : Animals and Pets
Learning Outcomes     : By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to name the animals and write                                           sentences about the animals.
Specifications              1.1: Listen to and discriminate similar and different sounds of the English                                       language
                                    2.1: Speaks clearly by pronouncing words accurately
                                    3.1:  Write at word, phrase, sentence in clear legible print
Teaching Aida             : Word cards, picture / card of animals, worksheet, LCD and laptop
Previous knowledge    : Pupils have been taught about animals in science subject.
Moral Values              : Love

Phase / time
Teacher’s role
Pupil’s role
Learning standard

Set Induction
11.00 – 11.04
1. Teacher plays a video to the pupils
Video tittle:
Going to the zoo

2. Teacher asks the pupils to name the animals in the zoo

3. Teacher shows some pictures of animals.
1. Pupils listen to the story

2. Pupils sing along the song

3. Pupils name the animals in the zoo

4. Pupils said aloud the name of the animals.

Stage 2
(10 minutes)

1.Teacher shows picture cards to the pupils and pastes it on the whiteboard

2.Teacher distributes the word cards to the pupils and ask them to paste it to the correct pictures.

3.teacher asks the pupils to read loudly the word cards.

1. Pupils try to guess what animals in the pictures.
- Can you name all the animals in the video?
Expected anwer:
- An elephant
- A bear.

2. Pupils paste the word cards to the correct pictures.
- What animal is this?
: This is an elephant.

3. Pupils read loudly with correct pronunciation.

Individual work.

Stage 3
(10 minutes)

1.Teacher distributes worksheet to the pupils.

2.Teacher explains the instruction to the pupils.

1. Pupils fill in the blanks to form complete sentences.
Ex: Is this elephant?
: Yes, it is.

2.Pupils spent 10minutes to complete the task.

Individual work.



Stage 2
(10 minutes)

1.Teacher asks the pupils what they have learned in the lesson today.
-Are you still remember the animals in the zoo.
-Teacher will ask the pupils to name the animals that they have learned.
-Why the wild animals kept in the zoo.
-Teacher will play the song.

1.Teacher divides the pupils into group of 4.

2.Each group select a group leader

3.Teacher will give some pictures of animals, a manila card and marker pen to each group.

4.Teacher will give instructions.

5.Teacher will evaluate their work.

1.Pupils recall the names of the animals in the zoo.

-Pupil will name the animals
-Pupil will answer the teacher’s questions.

-Pupil sing back the song

1.Pupils sit in groups

2.Pupils appoint a leader for their respective group
3.Pupils respond to the teacher’s instructions and work in group

4.Pupils will paste the animals picture on the manila card and write few simple sentences.

5.Once they finished their work, the group leader will read aloud the sentences.

Moral value:

Love – Love the animals.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


A video clip about animals in the zoo and a song regarding the title. Teacher ask questions about the animal , pupils name the animals in the video clip.


       Nama:  Pn. Thamaianthee A/P Gnanasundaram
       Umur : 47 tahun
       Tarikh lahir: 20 March 1965
       Tempat lahir: Hospital Bukit Rotan , Kuala   Lumpur.
       Alamat: no 9, jalan 2 , Taman Gombak, Bt Caves.
       Hobby: berkebun dan memasak
                 Sekolah: Sekolah kebangsaan Taman Samudra
        No ID pelajar: D20111049848